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full-time educator, health and wellness researcher


My years in the education sector coupled with decades of real life nutrition experiments and trials, provides a wealth of knowledge to assist you to revert back to your original state of optimum health and vitality. I am currently compiling a range of strategies to gently detoxify your body while delivering fundamental nutrition so you can feel and look your best.

The resources section will teach you about what the food and supplement industry has conveniently forgotten to educate you about in respect how your body actually utilises what you consume.


Some points to consider:

- I am NOT sponsored or financially supported

- I do NOT have a teleprompter like mainstream news readers. I speak from the heart 😉

- I am NOT on any pharmaceutical enhancements

- I do NOT wear any makeup

- I do NOT use stock footage. My videos are original and UNFILTERED

- I present the TRUTH as I believe that is what the World needs right now 💪✊🙏

If this resonates with you, get in touch and I look forward to guiding you towards achieving your desired goals.

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